The Eight Word Induction™ Created by Cal Banyan

Fast, Simple and Effective, That Is Why It Has Become So Popular

The Eight Word Induction is very simple. Here is the process to be used after you have properly prepared the client by providing a good hypnosis pre-talk and assessed them as ready for hypnosis.

I’d like to now graphically introduce the Eight Word Induction™.

The Four Images Below are of Cal Banyan Demonstrating the Eight Word Induction in 2001

Just follow the steps below.

Hypnotic Induction Step 1

Simply hold out your hand in front of the subject, point at it and say “Press on my hand.”

Hypnotic Induction Step 2

Pass your hand down across the front of your client’s face and say, “Close your eyes.”

Hypnotic Induction Step 3

Pull your hand out from under the client’s hand your client’s hand will suddenly fall. Instantly
afterward say the word, “Sleep!” in a directive or firm tone (one does not need to shout).

Hypnotic Induction Step 4

That completes the induction. Now deepen the hypnosis by suggesting that the client continue to go
deeper. You could say something like, “As I gently rock your head you go deeper…” And, so on.

Important: If you mention this hypnotic induction in the media, a class/course, article, video, audio recording, etc., please refer back to this website, and site me as the creator of this induction.


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