The Eight Word Induction™ Created by Cal Banyan

History of this Hypnotic Induction

Cal Demonstrates Instant InductionI first started teaching the induction to my students in the year 2000. I published an article on how to do it for the first time in 2002 on my website Here is direct link to the article,

A similar article was published in the National Guild of Hypnotists, Journal of Hypnotism, Volume 17, Number 4, p. 9-10, in December 2002. Click here to see a scan of that article.

I also published a brief audio about it on my website www.Hypnosis.ORG. Here is a direct link to the page where you can have a listen,

You can learn the 8 word induction along with other inductions developed from me in my complete DVD Course, Instand and Rapid Inductions for the Professional

Recently the inductions was reduced to just 3 words. You can learn about it on my hypnosis training videos blog at Here is a direct link to that information,